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Report- Iraq latest

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Report- Iraq latest

Post by Ted-Pencry on 8/4/2013, 21:44

Levels of violence rose slightly in Iraq last week. At least 68 people were killed and 157 injured in nationwide incidents.

Violence was concentrated in the central provinces, particularly settlements surrounding the capital and along the main highway which runs through Salah ad-Din province. There were also a high number of attacks in Mosul and Kirkuk.

Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) territory saw no violence while the south of the country was also very quiet.

A total of 35 bomb attacks left 42 people dead and 134 injured. Three of the bombings involved suicide bombers, who together killed 19 people and injured 80 more.

There was a higher than normal number of small arms fire attacks, including a number of killings targeting political figures and senior members of the security forces. Shootings left 25 people dead and 23 injured.

The coming days could see further mass-casualty terrorist attacks, particularly around Baghdad. The authorities are anticipating possible co-ordinated attacks on the International Zone while on 9 April the city will mark the 10-year anniversary since it fell to multinational forces.


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