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Hi Everyone......

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Hi Everyone......

Post by Paulsoodey on 3/2/2013, 15:27

Q. What is your name?
A. Paul

Q. What do you hope to get from CPD and what are your first impressions?
A. The sight looks very professional. I am on this site for advice, opportunities and networking.

Q. Where are you currently based?
A. I am based out of Liverpool

Q. What domain of the security industry are you in? (SV, Marsec, SD, CP, TSCM, Sy Management)
A. I am interested in CP and Maritime Security

Q. What is your background (Police, Military, Civilian)
A. I have a 7 year military background. I have recently left 29 Commando RA after 3 years. Previous to this I was a Royal Marines Commando

Q. How many years private security sector experience do you have?
A. None. That's what I am trying to gain

Q. Do you represent a company? provide the company name and your position if you wish to do so.
A. I am on this site representing myself......

Thank you all for reading............


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Verified CPD Member

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Re: Hi Everyone......

Post by Lynxsecuritycv on 3/2/2013, 18:58


For all your CV/Resume services, we offer a free proof
reading service as well as reasonably priced CV services. All prices are
competitive with today's current climate. In the first instance contact:

Would rather be carried by six than judged by twelve.
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