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UN VACANCY - Field Security Adviser

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UN VACANCY - Field Security Adviser

Post by Ted-Pencry on 19/1/2013, 09:25

Field Safety Adviser
UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Applications opened: 15 Jan 2013 | Close: 16 Feb 2013

The Field Safety Adviser takes on the role of leading, coordinating and providing appropriate guidance related to security management within an office. The incumbent maintains contact with other UN agencies, NGOs, implementing partners, government partners in the area to facilitate the operation. The incumbent directly supervises general service staff in the office, and reports to the Head of Office.

Accountability (key results that will be achieved)

Country operations receive practical and well-reasoned security advice and support toward helping ensure an appropriate level of safety for UNHCR’s staff and operations and compliance with security guidelines and procedures.
UNHCR benefits from effective relationships with host country law enforcement agencies and the UN Security Management System.
Staff are aware of threats/risks and how to respond to them, understand fully and comply with guidelines and procedures.
Security management is efficient, well-coordinated and consistent with policies and procedures.

Responsibility (process and functions undertaken to achieve results)

Advise and support the Representative or Head of Office in managing staff safety and security of UNHCR staff, operations, premises, implementing partners and refugees or persons of concern.
Undertake periodic security assessments in close co-operation with UNHCR senior staff members and interagency partners, analysing security factors and levels of risk related to UNHCR activities and programmes.
Evaluate existing security measures to determine their appropriateness and identify areas needing improvement. Follow up with actions to oversee or implement those improvements.
Assist in ensuring compliance with Minimum Operational Safety Standards (MOSS) and Minimum Operational Residential Safety Standards (MORSS).
Assist in the development of plans for relocation, evacuation, medical evacuation and other contingencies. Develop specific plans for UNHCR Offices/activities. - In cooperation with UNHCR senior staff members, ensure that security measures are fully integrated into operational planning, including budgetary provisions, at the earliest stages of development. - Participate and support in activities to advise on programme criticality assessment process.
As a member of a multi-functional team, contribute to efforts to ensure the physical protection and security of refugees and other persons of concern by providing security assessments, analysis and advice in developing and implementing effective strategies which underpin the responsibilities of the host state.
Develop and maintain relationships with security-related actors, including host government law enforcement authorities and other stakeholders to ensure effective information sharing; provide regular feedback and analysis to country managers.
Maintain close co-operation with staff of the UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS), ensuring UNHCR's understanding of applicable requirements, cooperating in security assessments and planning and supporting UNDSS understanding of agency requirements.
Support UNHCR staff serving as members of the country Security Management Team (SMT), or Area Security Management Team (ASMT), Area Security Coordinators (ASC) and Wardens.
Provide country-relevant security advice and training to UNHCR staff, and where appropriate, to staff of NGOs and implementing partners in areas including, inter alia, preparation for and conduct of road missions, radio telecommunications and responding to specific threats within the environment.
Conduct rehearsals and practical exercises to ensure that staff are familiar with contingency plans and can implement them confidently in an emergency.
Provide necessary support and take appropriate action during critical incident management.
Prepare periodic analytical reports on security in accordance with UN and UNHCR standard operating procedures, sharing with managers in the country of assignment and FSS.
Maintain linkages with the Staff Welfare Section, and the Medical Service, referring cases as required.
Undertake other security-related functions or responsibilities as delegated by the supervisor.

Authority (decisions made in executing responsibilities and to achieve results)

Provide security-related advice, in written and oral form, to the manager and other staff.
Advise on, and upon approval, implement, needed mitigating measures.
Participate in criticality assessments.
Represent UNHCR in interagency working groups and attend SMT or ASMT meetings as an observer.

Languages required: English, French and/or Arabic

How to apply: Please send your motivation letter with your CV to

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