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Chris Turnbull

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Chris Turnbull

Post by Chris Turnbull on 16/12/2012, 19:25

Hi everyone, as per the forum rules and guidelines I'm introducing myself. (Obviously)

I heard about this place through my coach/instructor Mick Coup of Core Combatives "C2".

I've been working in the leisure security sector of the industry for nearly 20 years now and have spent the last couple trying to do my homework in what's really needed to get into the C.P. sector. So basically I'm here to learn as much as I can from those much more experienced and knowledgeable than myself.

I'm currently in Scotland after the last 6 years odds in Liverpool, love training and have a bit if a passion for realistic Combatives and now training in C2 which sadly is a bit behind at the moment due to other areas needing attention till recently.

Perhaps I can try and break the mould of another nightclub bouncer that wants to be a BG impression?.....certainly hope so.
Chris Turnbull
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Verified CPD Member

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Re: Chris Turnbull

Post by jomac on 17/12/2012, 23:23

Welcome to the site Chris.



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Verified CPD Member

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