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PSNI Officers Ambushed

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PSNI Officers Ambushed

Post by Sabre on 29/11/2012, 00:53

Officers Targeted In Terrorist Ambush

Concern is continuing to mount about increasingly ruthless terrorist tactics after two officers were lured into an ambush while responding to a hoax emergency call.

According to the PSNI, a pipe bomb was hurled at the force’s vehicle after reports of a burglary were received in West Belfast early on the evening of November 26.

Although the device failed to explode, Ammunition Technical Officers from the Army confirmed it was viable – and houses were evacuated while it was made safe.

The PSNI has confirmed that residents in the Culmore Gardens area – where the attack took place – were not allowed back into their homes for some five hours.

District Commander George Clarke said that it was fortunate that there were no deaths or serious injuries following the reckless attempt to attack the officers.

He told reporters: “Police were responding to assist in what they believed to be a genuine call for help when this viable device was thrown at their vehicle.

“The people responsible for this attack did not care that this was in a built up residential area – once again the lives of residents have been put at risk by an element that is intent on causing as much loss of life and disruption as they can.

“We are determined to deliver the service our community deserves and will continue to work tirelessly with people in an effort to improve policing.”

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