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New member introduction

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New member introduction

Post by stratisg on 22/11/2012, 19:14

I am ex-military professional, served for 20 years in
the Army 18 of them in Special Forces units. Trained as Close Protection
Officer, I was often used for the protection of high ranking officers,
government officials and VIPs, during their visits in several EU and African
Countries. At 2004 Olympic Games I was in charge of eight military close
protection teams. Also as member in an Special Operation team I participate in
evacuation operations from hostile territories. Some of the duties assigned to
me during my military career are the following:

Instructor in SF and Infantry small teams tactics and weapons handling.

Instructor in Paratroopers School.

Team Leader and Staff Sgt in several SF and infantry units.

Staff Sgt in Amphibious Raiders Squadron.

Staff Office Director in several SF and Infantry Units, monitoring and
supervising up to 400 military personnel.

After my retirement I worked as Close Protection Officer,
for a British owned company. Main responsibilities include
providing 24 hour protection to a multitude of principals and their families in
several European Countries, escorting and providing protection in order for
them to conduct their day to day activities safely and without disruptions.

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Re: New member introduction

Post by Ted-Pencry on 28/11/2012, 20:15

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