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G6 Global - Secure Communications in an Insecure World

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G6 Global - Secure Communications in an Insecure World

Post by g6global on 28/10/2012, 10:19

Hello to all. Many of you will know us from the industry and other security and CP oriented websites.

We are a specialist provider of communications equipment and services to the security industry both in the UK and overseas. I could bore you endlessly with what we do but this isn't the time or the place.

Suffice to say that if you want a company that truly understands your industry, and the personal service that most of the other radio companies out there simply do not provide, then we are waiting to talk to you.

Unbiased, good quality technical and operational advice awaits.

Nice to be in here. Thanks to Vanessa for the recommendation and good luck to the site operators.

Keep a look out in the forums for my posts on all things new and topical in the comms world.
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CPD Consultant/VIP

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