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Smooth Renewal with the SIA

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Smooth Renewal with the SIA

Post by Ted-Pencry on 23/10/2012, 22:00

When I first got my frontline SIA CP licence, I thought that every three years a CP refresher had to be done in order to get approved for renewal.

I am wondering how popular these refreshers really are and how many people go on them?

Anyhow, the aim of this topic is to say that I thought the SIA were a nightmare when I was preparing all the documents to get my licence, but renewal is so easy.

I recently renewed and I am very pleased with things, called the SIA and got through to someone really fast, no documents to fill out, no additional docs needed, just gave my bank card number and the licence was renewed.

Very positive stuff.

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CPD Founder & Administrator

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Re: Smooth Renewal with the SIA

Post by THE-PBA on 28/11/2012, 00:58

Not necessarily being a fan of the SIA, I am inclined to agree that things are starting to get better and they are also beginning to show some teeth.

A bit late in the day I grant you, but better late than never.

With that said, who has ever climbed a mountain for the first time and said "Well that was easy!"

SIA do seem to have finally got their act together and I for one would like to see the disappearance of "SIA bashing" and some positive comment on how things could be improved.

Rich Aitch started with the "Let's Lobby SIA" on LinkedIn, but rather than see the inspiration of good constructive ideas or recognition of anything positive, was obliged to shut the link down because of these "nomads"
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