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Introduction E Myklebust

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Introduction E Myklebust

Post by TheTraveler on 23/10/2012, 17:33

Hello my name is Einar Myklebust I found your forum from your linked in group.

I was first introduced to this industry during my time as an MP in the Norwegian Navy. I have been living in the US since 1988 and have been a US citizen since right after 9/11.

I am currently working towards reentering this type of work selecting schools and classes to take and absorbing all the information I can find as to the proper direction to take, alliances and networking.

I have many years experience with marine work doing refrigeration both traveling on ships and working on them in yards. Including work for the US Navy. And have also considerable experience as a commercial driver all over the US as well.

I am currently not working in the industry but working my way towards doing so.


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