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Intro A. Ajetunmobi

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Intro A. Ajetunmobi

Post by AfizAjetunmobi on 23/10/2012, 12:50

Hello Members,

Thank you for the ease and expediency it took to join this fantastic group.

As this is the first time introduction of its kind that I've done, I shall just answer the questions as advised by the administrator(s).

I heard about CPD via LinkedIn self search.

I have just recently moved to the England from the US, and I'm looking to network, pick the brains of experience, continue to self develop, and perhaps contribute where ever I can.

I am currently based in Worcester, which isn't far from Birmingham - An hour and Fifteen from Central London.

As things stand I am currently do CP and CP related task. I've done some events, Assets Protection and Covert Surveillance. I tried working at a door once...

My background is US Army, Infantry (Short Stint), Human Resources and Field Artillery all totaling 11 years. I was also a Police Officer in Los Angeles for a year and some.

I have 4 years in private security, three in the US.

I'm a self employeed operator not tied on any long term contract with any company. Not that I'd mind.

Personal wise, I got 3 kids, a wife, a gold fish, a head for military tactics - which I'm finding out are not really useful for much outside of the military, and a desire to be a successful CP Operative.

Thank you

Afiz Ajetunmobi
Verified CPD Member
Verified CPD Member

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Re: Intro A. Ajetunmobi

Post by Rich H on 23/10/2012, 14:36

Welcome Afiz,

Why the heck you moved to this country is puzzling to say the least!

All the best

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Rich H
CPD Consultant/VIP
CPD Consultant/VIP

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