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Senior PSO Staff Trainer

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Senior PSO Staff Trainer

Post by Ted-Pencry on 23/10/2012, 09:53

Title: Senior PSO Staff Trainer
Location: Deployable to Africa
Education/ Skills/ Security Requirements:
Minimum of five (5) years of Military operations and training experience required.

Should be a subject matter expert in at least one Combat Arms, Combat Service, or Combat Service Support Military Occupational Specialty, Branch, or Functional Area Staff experience at battalion or brigade level is required.

Familiar with standard military training concepts, practices, and procedures.

Preferably an individual with recent military combat and/or PSO experience at the 03-05, CWO, or E7-E9 level who has completed U.S. Military Education Command and General Staff College or equivalent.

Any combination of training, experience, and/or education equivalent to completion of college course work leading to an advanced degree, preferred.

Job Description Summary:
The Senior PSO Staff Trainer will be the contracted Country Manager's principal Peace Support Operations (PSO) staff instructor for African military units receiving U.S. Department of State's African Contingency Operations Training Assistance (ACOTA) Program training.

Senior PSO Staff Trainers will instruct and supervise Host Nation PSO unit staff operations training in African for African company, battalion and brigade sized units deploying to PSOs. Staff Operations training shall focus on operations center organization and operations, staff functions, Intelligence Preparation of the Area of Operations (IPAO), and the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP).

Senior PSO Staff Trainers shall be responsible for ensuring development of POIs, lesson plans, and training support packages for collective staff training and shall be carried out as noted in each ACOTA Program Office (APO) task order.

Training shall support the preparation of partner country units for deployment and sustained operations in multinational peacekeeping operations in Africa by training African commanders and staffs in PSO command and staff operations skills and procedures.

Senior Staff Trainers will ensure all training scenarios are realistic and based on the most current mission intelligence from Areas of Operation that African PSO units will deploy to. Training will involve classroom instruction, Peace Support Operation (PSO) Command Post Exercises, and Computer Assisted Command Post Exercises. All classes shall be taught in the target language of the Host Nation Military.


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