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Steve Barlow Introduction

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Steve Barlow Introduction

Post by Steve Barlow on 18/10/2012, 17:51

Following 30 years UK law enforcement I made the decision in 2006 to dip a toe in the private sector and work for myself, nearly 7 years later I have no regrets, part of moving forward was to communicate with like minded people so linkedin was the appropriate vessel for this and as a result of using that I now find myself on a site that appears to have people within that are of a similar ilk as myself.

I am, without boring everyone a surveillance operator and trainer and find surveillance easy to describe as an 'art'

Where I do tend to get high and mighty is when people describe themselves as surveillance operatives when all they have done is attend some 5 day course that declares it can teach foot / mobile / surveillance imagery / etc, take your money thank you very much, I could continue about my thoughts, the national occupational standards and other things but perhaps I should save these thoughts for future discussion.

Steve Barlow
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Verified CPD Member

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Re: Steve Barlow Introduction

Post by Ted-Pencry on 18/10/2012, 22:46

Welcome to the forum Steve,

Its great having someone of your calibre and experience on the forum.



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