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Introduction to CPD

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Introduction to CPD

Post by Guest on 18/10/2012, 09:31

Q. How did you hear about CPD?
A. I came across it during a web search

Q. What do you hope to get from CPD and what are your first impressions?
A. I hope to be able to contribute in discussions and post suitable job vacancies I find. First impressions are of a very well constructed and well thought out site.

Q. Where are you currently based?
A. Asia

Q. What domain of the security industry are you in? (SV, Marsec, SD, CP, TSCM, Sy Management)
A. Contractor. CPO and management

Q. What is your background (Police, Military, Civilian)
A. Military, police, contractor, consulting and corporate security, 30 years. (over 50's club)

Q. How many years private security sector experience do you have?
A. 10 years

Q. Do you represent a company? provide the company name and your position if you wish to do so.
A. No I do not represent a company


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Re: Introduction to CPD

Post by Ted-Pencry on 18/10/2012, 09:44

Welcome to the forum osxtiger,

Thanks for your kind words regarding the forum construction and lay out.
It was not done by a professional company or a PC geek, it was done by myself so I am pretty chuffed with my computer skills Laughing

It is also good to know you found the forum with an internet search, this means google now has the forum in its database for key words such as Close Protection.

You will have noticed you can't view all topics.
This is because you need to become a verified CPD member and once that is done I can activate your membership and this means you will be able to view all topics.

This is done to protect CPD members and to keep the forum as a small professional community.

Please read the "How to become a verified member" section to know how you can become a verified CPD member.

all the best,


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CPD Founder & Administrator

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