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Brand new forum section - Upload your CV

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Brand new forum section - Upload your CV

Post by Ted-Pencry on 16/10/2012, 09:06

You can now upload your CV on Close Protection Domain!!!
Please upload your CV/Resume in either Word or PDF format.

This is great news for you as an operator and also good news for companies who can pick up CV's if they are in need of operators.

There isn't any great risk of uploading your CV to Close Protection Domain.
The forum is closed source and all members are vetted.

But still, if you like to be very careful on the internet you can take your name, phone number and address off your CV and put your CPD username at the top or just an email address so companies can get back to you if your background suits their needs.

Close Protection Domain has also created the available/unavailable icons and you will find full instructions this topic:

Close Protection Domain

Please make sure you read the forum rules before posting.

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CPD Founder & Administrator

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