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Is UK currently the worse country in Europe to live in?

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Is UK currently the worse country in Europe to live in?

Post by Ted-Pencry on 5/3/2015, 13:50

The country I grew up in 40 years ago in a street where nobody ever locked their doors has gone forever. The UK is now N°1 in Europe for violent crime, not to mention probably the highest number of paedophiles in the world. 

I read the French, USA and UK headlines every day and no country is as bad as the UK in terms of crime . 

Just this week alone:

Pregant woman aged 22 about to give birth was attacked in her home in Essex by 5 masked intruders and beaten with baseball bat and slashed in face with knife. Rushed to hospital with haemorrhage and despite terrible injuries, gave birth to a healthy baby.

Girl aged 16 murdered and her body then chopped into pieces.

Boy aged 15 stabbed through the heart while riding his bike on a central London road (attempted theft)

At least 400 vulnerable girls aged 12 years old and upwards raped and trafficked over a period of several years by a Pakistani gang who have been jailed for life (possibly worst sexual abuse case ever). 

Muslim lesbian couple torture an 8 year old girl to death (one was the mother).

Police are investigating priests in the ongoing 'Elm Guest House' scandal in London, which will add to possibly hundreds of politicians, academics and high ranking 'men' involved in the systematic sexual abuse of vulnerable young boys from children's homes.

Have-a-go hero who challenged a car thief in Blackburn was beaten so badly in the face they thought he had been shot.

If this isn't bad enough, allowing mass immigration of muslims on 'their' terms has resulted in universities and schools being infiltrated by hard line fanatics - hence the number of wannabe jihadists from the UK  - and high possibility of future attacks as they are allowed to drift back in from Syria - or scattered amongs those on boats leaving Libya.

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Re: Is UK currently the worse country in Europe to live in?

Post by Woedendstier on 26/3/2015, 17:24

What would you expect ? A country where any single blade is seen as an outrageously dangerous weapon, and where you would be sentenced super-severely for carrying a pepper spray.

"We do not need to self-defend, it is the police job", yeah sure, pump it up until you have one cop behing every single citizen.

Oh, and more CCTV for sure. There isn't enough of this, right ?
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