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Outrage over sick Beckham fake kidnapping stunt to promote security company

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Outrage over sick Beckham fake kidnapping stunt to promote security company

Post by Ted-Pencry on 17/11/2014, 00:14

Outrage over sick Beckham fake kidnapping stunt to promote security company: Experts say simulation could endanger former footballer and wife Victoria - and encourage copycat attacks on other celebrities

  • Security firm CrissCast simulated attack on star for a promotional video 
  • But experts said it could lead to real attacks on the famous family 
  • Lookalike to be used in a staged kidnap attempt at security Expo   

A mock kidnap showing David Beckham being seized by brutal assailants was last night condemned as an ‘outrageous publicity stunt’.

Experts say the simulation, designed to promote security firms, could endanger the former football star and his wife Victoria – or even encourage copycat attacks against other celebrities by ‘fixated’ fans.
A Beckham lookalike will be the victim of the staged kidnap attempt during the Transport Security Expo at London’s Olympia next month. 


A video using a David Beckham lookalike in a staged kidnap to promote security firms has been criticised 
The stunt has already been publicised online with a YouTube video showing the ‘VIP’ having a bag shoved roughly over his head and being pushed against a wall.
When the bag is pulled off, the dishevelled actor smooths down hair, adjusts his tie and says, tongue-in-cheek: ‘Has the show started yet?’

But the demonstration was condemned by Princess Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe, who has also advised the Beckhams on security.
Calling the stunt ‘outrageous,’ he said: ‘It is not a good idea to use real celebrities or lookalikes. The security people involved in this have failed to realise it could encourage someone in this insane world of ours to think about kidnapping.’

Mr Wharfe added it was a major mistake to put the video in the public domain. ‘You are streaming it out into an unknown community. This is a risk because we live in a world where there are fixated people. It sends out the wrong message.’

He said the firm behind the stunt, training experts CrisisCast, should have consulted the Beckhams – who were unlikely to agree to it.
American security expert Clint Van Zandt agreed: ‘There are a lot of people sitting on the edge of society and sanity, and this could plant a seed in their minds. Even if they don’t think, “I’ll kidnap Beckham,” they may think, “I can do this with another celebrity”.’
In 2002, Victoria was at the centre of an alleged kidnap plot, although a case against the supposed conspirators was later dropped.
Publicity about the demonstration by CrissCast says: ‘World to hold its breath as English football icon “David Beckham” is victim of kidnapping at global security event. 
'But don’t worry, because the beloved national icon will be a lookalike – although the scenario will be all too real.’
The simulation will involve close protection officers, including ex-armed police, and expert negotiators demonstrating how to protect ‘net high worth people’.
Expo organisers Nineteen Events said the stunt had a serious aim but was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.
Brian Mitchell, the founder of CrisisCast, last night rejected the criticism, saying: ‘It is clearly an actor, it is clearly tongue-in-cheek.’
He added that the idea of using a Beckham look-alike had come from the Expo organisers.
The Beckhams’ representatives were not prepared to comment.

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