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Post by Chris Wilson on 28/3/2014, 18:17

Q.  How did you hear about CPD?
A. Heard About CPD via Facebook on one of my pages I am subscribed with, and thought it would be a good site to join with other Security Professionals . 

Q. What do you hope to get from CPD and what are your first impressions?
A. Lots of Advice I see on here, Myself been in the Industry for over 8 years, done most things from High Profile Government work in the UK, to POP Stars and Movies Stars, and have been in Hostile work for 6 and a bit years now, Working from Afghanistan to Iraq, even a job in Saudi Arabia.

Q. Where are you currently based?
A. Based in Kabul at Present on a Diplomatic Mission.

Q. What domain of the security industry are you in? (SV, Marsec, SD, CP, TSCM, Sy Management)
A. Work in the Close Protection Industry 

Q. What is your background (Police, Military, Civilian)
A.Served 22 years in a Infantry Unit, Serving in Northern Ireland, and Bosnia left in 2005 after doing my 22 years.

Q. How many years private security sector experience do you have?
A. Have 8 Years of experience within Different fields mostly High Profile. 

If I can help or advise people Feel free to drop me a line for Advice, will try my best to Help you out.

Stay Safe where ever you are.
Chris Wilson
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Guest (Unverified)

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Re: New Member

Post by Sabre on 28/3/2014, 18:25

Hello Chris, thankyou for the introduction and welcome to CPD!


An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

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