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Coming Soon – A Security Driver/ Secure Transportation Association

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Coming Soon – A Security Driver/ Secure Transportation Association

Post by Ted-Pencry on 24/3/2014, 18:11

Why the association and why now?

The time has come for those who supply Security Driving and Secure Transportation to be recognized for the accomplishments and contributions they have made to the profession, and to the safety and security of their clients. The importance of Security Driving and Secure Transportation has been well documented. Most events that have shaped the industry and continue to be problematic have been and are vehicle related.
About the Association – The Association will be open for membership by the beginning of April. It will serve the Security Driving and Secure Transportation profession. There are few, if any, associations that represent this most important aspect of personal protection. This Association fills that void.

By definition an association exists for the mutual enrichment and advancement of their members.  A major component of the Association is to enhance the knowledge and education of the Members through various online resources.

Members will receive accurate and prompt information about the issues affecting the profession via the Security Driver Magazine and an E – Newsletter.  Information will include new technology that is germane to the industry, such as development of Apps exclusively for the Secure Transportation community.
The new association will present a series of webinars, articles, videos, white papers, and presentations on various subjects with narratives by top level security practitioners.

Subjects include:
Armored Vehicles
Executive Vehicles
Ambush scenarios – Case histories and lessons learned
Business of Security
Security Environment – articles pertaining to Surveillance Detection

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