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Hate preacher Anjem Choudary - Al Qaeda Van Stunt in London

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Hate preacher Anjem Choudary - Al Qaeda Van Stunt in London

Post by Sabre on 11/3/2014, 16:15

Anjem Choudary and his followers staged a militant pro-Islamic stunt Saturday driving a van through North London covered with posters in English and Arabic, including the logo of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a radical militant group fighting in the Syrian civil war.
Choudary is a British born Islamist radical known amongst other things for organizing demonstrations at the Wootton Bassett RAF base when the remains of deceased British soldiers were returned to the UK from combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.
According to the Sunday Times and Breitbart London, a YouTube user by the name of ‘Need4Khilafah’ uploaded video content of the event. In the footage Choudary appears while supporters chant in praise of ISIS. The Sunday Times reports that one of the supporters (identified as Abdul Muhid) uses a loudspeaker to shout from within the van: “Islam is the solution for Great Britain; Islam is the solution for the world.”

Raffaello Pantucci, a senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, told the Sunday Times “The use of this logo and the call for an Islamic state in London seems very reminiscent of ISIS in Syria. On paper, this group, Need4Khilafah, looks like al-Muhajiroun and its many offshoots. It’s the same group of people involved in the same type of activities.”
Al-Muhajiroun (The Emigrants) is a banned terrorist organization that was based in Britain and which has been linked to international terrorism, homophobia and anti-Semitism. The group was banned in the UK in 2010 along with 4 others, including Islam4UK – another Choudary group.

In fact Choudary was for a time constantly forming new groups because the Home Secretary’s office would ban any group that he legally formed as soon as they discovered it. Harassment of him seems to have diminished under the current Cameron government.
The YouTube channel that hosted the video and the organizations website is militantly Islamic having uploaded a plethora of videos showing everything from ride-alongs with Choudary to explanations on the tenets of Islam including how it should administer economics, society and the Judicial system.

ISIS have become notorious in Syria for imposing a strict interpretation of Islamic law on the territories they control. They have also split the rebellion against Bashar al Assad by attacking fellow rebel groups for not being sufficiently devout in their Islamic practices.
This itself brings us to a separate issue. While the west ponders action in Syria to prevent further use of chemical weapons attacks (regular murder it seems is OK), these are some of the groups that would benefit from American and British support.

Choudary said of the ISIS logo “It’s not something that belongs to ISIS or any organization like al-Qaeda. It’s something that belongs to [all] Muslims.” That of course is completely false since not all Muslims support uniting Iraq and Syria.
But the term Khilafah is an Arabic word which translates to English as caliphate: an Islamic State led by a supreme religious and political leader, a “successor” – to Muhammad and the other prophets. This is clearly consistent with the brand of Islam that Choudary affiliates with.
The Sunday Times stated: “The hate preacher Anjem Choudary and his followers could face prosecution under anti-terrorism laws after appearing to promote al-Qaeda-linked groups on a busy London high street while demanding the creation of an Islamic state.” But there has been no move so far to take action, Police are well aware of Choudary’s every movement, so it appears unlikely.

Police monitoring of Choudary was revealed last year after he claimed last summer that murdered soldier Lee Rigby will ‘burn in hellfire’ as a non-Muslim, while praising suspected killer Michael Adebolajo as a martyr. He was warned by police that he is being monitored ‘constantly’ to see if his ranting breaks the law.

But Britain seems to have got its priorities wrong. While the general public is now targeted by police sometimes for online speech that would be considered fair and free in America, someone who obviously works towards the promotion of terrorism continues to walk free year after year.

Indeed at a 2007 rally where Choudary was preaching, Adebolajo is seen in the picture immediately behind him off the right shoulder positioned potentially as some kind of bodyguard. Given the links between the two it would not be surprising to learn that the Choudary was complicit in Rigby’s murder.
But aside from the Sunday Times there appears to be no other coverage of the event other than from the Breitbart website and Al Arabiya News. Maybe it’s silence before the storm, or maybe we’re just becoming dangerously numb to the advance of militant Islam.

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