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Post by Ninjanige on 1/2/2014, 12:30

Hi Folks, I was introduced by Stuart from Sabre Security.
I'm looking to gain ideas, opportunities and partnerships
I'm currently based in Devon UK
We are in the CP business
I personally have come from the civilian background but did a lot of CP work before the SIA was ever set up. Most of our CP operatives have a military background so we can count on fantastic skills and experience.
I have a good number of years of private security work
I have set up a company that tries to be unique in its approach to the CP industry and to bring this expertise to the general public with well targeted niche markets to allow our operatives to earn reasonable money between larger contracts. To allow an insight into the Bodyguard industry and to demystify CP jargon for the average person to then let them hire CPO's with easy access and competitively priced services. We have also partnered with Sierra Services Europe Ltd to provide better coverage and to link to their niche market in protection of women and vulnerable people in a domestic violence situation. Our markets are lone women drivers, vulnerable travellers, stalking victims, hen nights and others. The company is called "Journey Guardians" I am the founder and general dogs body.

Please search us out on Facebook and if you see any opportunities for us to connect please do. Nigel.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Sabre on 1/2/2014, 15:56

Hello Nigel, welcome to the forum. Thanks for the introduction!

Hope you are well.


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