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New member

Post by Nassau on 7/11/2013, 13:32

Hello "friends" and colleagues,

I'm new to the close protection industry working hard to deploy myself and getting my name heard out there.

When searching the internet for related articles this forum always pops up, I believe this is good medium to maintain contact with related personnel to share information.
Great effort setting this up!!

My background is 11 years in the Army starting as stinger air defence, Infantry heavy machine gunner and finally Dutch commandos explosives, counter terrorism, para.

As now I'm working as a freelancer, actually experience: Surveillance, executive driver, maritime security.

I'm from the Netherlands and are deployed world wide.

If you have any question relating Close Protection or in need of personnel feel free to contact me through this forum. You find yourself in the Netherlands and in need of some help or a talk, you can find me here.

Take care all,

Verified CPD Member
Verified CPD Member

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Re: New member

Post by Ted-Pencry on 8/11/2013, 10:59


Many many thanks for your kind words!
Indeed the forum is a good platform and it is still quite new.
In a few years time the amount of info and contents on here will be second to none, literraly the CP/SV/Marsec bible when it comes to finding relevant information.

But for that we need a strong participation by CPD members, intel comes from many people working together in different parts of the world.

Welcome to the forum!

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CPD Founder & Administrator

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