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Intro preamble from a new forum member

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Intro preamble from a new forum member

Post by TodWulff on 14/10/2013, 21:48

G'day, CPD membership.

I stumbled across this site while starting a bit of a trade-study for force protection service providers with boots on ground in Tripoli.

FYSA, my name is Tod Wulff.  I am an Aviation Professional representing a Service Provider in the Aerospace Domain.

My immediate interests in the CP Domain is from the perspective of a potential customer.  I am here to get smarter about CP so that I can eventually be better equipped to make an informed decision, when it is time to contract with one or more CP service providers.

Of course we are also able to consider providing services as needed to the constituency herein.  But that is not why I am here and is for another day...

For vetting purposes, my LinkedIn profile is viewable at:

I will likely lurk herein to get smarter and, if I feel I have something genuinely useful to contribute, I'll do so.

In the meantime, if anyone is able to offer recommendations on reputable service providers (i.e. those with favorable past performance and solid professional references), with a current presence in Libya, who is GoL/MoD authorized to provide armed protection services for a multi-month project, protecting a workforce of 6-8 individuals working at one or two airfields in and around Tripoli, I would be appreciative of being advised of same.  My workforce may be staying in commercial quarters vs. MoD billeting (hopefully not, but...), so we'll need 24/7 service, if that is the case.  Thanks, in advance, for any recommendations.

Preferred method of engagement is via email initially, and then we can escalate to verbal discussions as needed.

Thanks again.  Take care and have a great day, folks.


Tod Wulff
Director, Government Services
Constant Aviation, LLC
5211 Secondary Road
Cleveland OH 44135
+1.248.981.0005 (c)
+1.248.714.6480 (f)

quality • professionalism • integrity

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Guest (Unverified)

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Re: Intro preamble from a new forum member

Post by Sabre on 15/10/2013, 18:12

Welcome to the forum Tod.


An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

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