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Security Threats Analyst, Iraq

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Security Threats Analyst, Iraq

Post by Ted-Pencry on 15/8/2013, 14:20


Position Objectives

The Security Threat Analyst will be responsible for analysis of threats to the embassy and security operations, information gathering and peer to peer, external sources and client liaison for Iraq. 

Position Responsibilities

Provide threat analysis support to the mobile and static security of the client mission
Develop efficient methods of open-source information collection
Support the client's open source collection efforts
Develop and maintain overt relationships with appropriate stakeholders and organisations to ensure good standing and open exchange of information
Liaise with Unity Iraq and regionally based assets
Maintain a threat database with a focus on post task briefs and subsequent analysis
Develop and maintain information packs on key sites, venues, routes and locations
Analyse information in support of ongoing client operations
Advise on security, force protection and threat issues across Iraq
Present high-quality verbal briefings and written product to the client and Unity assets as required
Coordinate personnel security clearances; liaise with client vetting agencies and maintain database

Academic and trade qualifications - desirable

Previous experience in Iraq in a similar role
Ability to communicate in Arabic
A current network of contacts in Iraq
Holds a current drivers license and International Driving Permit

Work experience and skills required

Ex-military of ex-police with an excellent record of conduct
Relevant experience in hostile environments for a minimum of 1 year
No criminal record; honourable discharge
Experience working as a security threat analysis or in a similar role for a minimum of one year
Formal military or police intelligence training
Experience in a liaison or representative role is essential 
Sound understanding of the political and security situation in Iraq
Demonstrated interpersonal communication skills
Highly developed IT skills for database management and preparation of reports and presentations

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV to .  
Please include the job title in the email subject.

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